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Welcome to our site, I’m glad you found us. My name is Greg and I’m the owner of Arlington Landscape. We have a passion for landscaping, but I want to know what passions you have about your landscape. Is your lawn mowing every week causing you to not enjoy your weekends anymore? Is the standing water in your yard stressing you out? Are you worried what your neighbors think about your landscape design in the front yard? I’m looking forward to talking with you so much that all of our estimates and initial consultations are free, we just want to help you.

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Pond DesignIn order to get to know a landscape design client we always start with questions. Why are you interested in a new landscape design, what motivated you to contact us? What is your goal for this landscape design, curb appeal, outdoor kitchen, a relaxing outdoor room? Who will use this space, do you need space for kids to play, is it just you and your husband or wife, or will you be throwing big BBQ’s or cookouts? How will you use this space? These questions we ask of our landscape design clients help us create really unique design that fit the clients goals and needs for their landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Landscape Design Clients:

What does a landscape design cost?

To have a landscape design drawn up and installed generally doesn’t come happen for less then $2,000.  Things that factor into the cost of a landscape design are the design, removing any landscape that’s all ready there, the new plants, and instillation  All those factors that go into the cost of a landscape design instillation also compound the larger the area.

Can We Break Up The Landscape Design Into Stages?

Absolutely, this is very common for landscape design clients. We can create a menu style option for landscape design and we can sit down and choose what items will be installed in what stages based on your budget.



Our landscape maintenance services are like insurance for your property. A nice lawn doesn’t come cheap, bushes, and trees are expensive as well. Proper landscape maintenance help you protect the value of your landscaping. We train hard to make sure that we have the knowledge to take care of your property as you desire. Landscape maintenance is a very important part of our business, we fully understand that if we can impress a homeowner with our quality we are very likely to receive more of their business.


Our lawn mowing services cover mowing the entire lawn between 3 and 3.5 inches, trimming all the edges with our weed eaters, and blowing grass clumps out of the lawn. There is no option between weekly and bi-weekly, if we are to keep lawns up to our standards we must come weekly. The cost of mowing varies by the yard but you can get a sense with these guidelines: less than 1/2 an acre costs $25 / 1/2 acre to 3/4 costs $30 / > 3/4 acre $35 + $5 per additional 1/4 acre. Prices can change due to the amount of trimming we must do, elevation changes in the yard. If you have a lot of landscape beds and a pool those factors will likely bring down the cost per week.



We install over 100 yards of mulch every summer. Some people prefer to have a skim coating just to give their landscape beds the look of fresh mulch each year. While others prefer to get 2-3 inches of mulch every few years in order to protect their plants. We would be happy to help you decide what choice is right for your home. Beyond just installing mulch we also

Money Saving Mulch Options:

  • Mulch Refreshing – Our landscapers come through with potato rakes and turnover the existing mulch. This cuts mulching costs in half and the turned over mulch will look newer and break down completely over the year. This service is best used when you want to get one more season out of your current supply of mulch or when your mulch is layered to thick and you need it to break down more and provide the nutrients to your plants
  • Mulch Spraying – We come through with our organic and non toxic dye and spray down all your mulch to make it appear just like it did the day it was installed. Our dyes are safe for children, pets, and your plants. The dye will not stain walkways, driveways, or homes.



No one enjoys this part of landscaping but through a lot of hours on our hands and knees we’ve developed techniques to be quite efficient at this. Weed pulling is quoted at our regular hourly rate, contact us and we will be happy to you give you a custom quote.



Natural Bed Edging – This is our favorite choice for edging around landscaping beds. We can take our spade shovels to your existing edge and give it a fresh crisp line without digging out your beds any farther. If you are installing a new edge we also have power edging equipment that can make quick work of your large job.

Metal Edging & Paver Edging – For a more permanent edging we can install a metal or paver edge. These hard edges are more expensive than installing a natural edge (generally 3 t0 4 times more expensive). The upside to these permanent edges are that they will last 15 t0 20 years as long as there are no erosion or tree root issues.


We offer snow plowing in Pittsford and Fairport. We stick to to these suburbs because we are located central to both and this allows us to provide a service that consistently finished before 7 a.m.  Our seasonal snow plowing contracts cover unlimited plowing trips every time it snows 3 inches. Snow plowing contracts begin at $225 for the season.


Each project starts with careful planning


We provide Rochester landscape design services that are consistently found to be top in the field. Our landscape design process works to build an understanding of how you will use the space and what goals your are trying to accomplish with your individual project. Our unique designs come from truly understanding our customers.


Our landscape construction services started out as simply implementing the landscape designs we were creating. Today years later we construct complex water management systems that range from french drains to dry creeks. Our landscape construction services include projects like walkways and patios.


Our landscape maintenance services are aimed make our customer’s home look the best they can. Many of our customers start out with our lawn mowing service but begin to start taking advantage of mulching and pruning services. During the winter we also offer plowing services in Pittsford and Fairport.

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